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Hi, I’m Paweł Wątor – Graduated Clinical Dietitian from the University of Agriculture, Cracow, Poland. Clinical Nutrition and diseases are my passion, thus studying those subjects all the time. But I don’t want to keep this knowledge only for myself because It gives me incredible pleasure to share it with others.

Besides that, I like to study psychology and sport. The former gives you power when you know yourself, the latter gives you strength. Along with yoga or meditation, travelling is the best way to experience life and be happy, thus, I do it as often as possible.

I am also the father of a lovely boy.

Best Wishes!

Paweł Wątor picture Clinical Dietitian
An open laptop with a cup of coffee on it and glasses next to the laptop. All are on the bed with white duvet and four pillows reposed on the wooden end of the bed near the wall. There are white curtains on the left higher corner dangling right behind the bed.


Currently, I am working only online as a dietitian. You can follow me here to see the latest articles or on social media to see daily healthy posts or listen to podcasts and watch videos. I am proud to be (co)author of a few scientific papers you can find online.

On the web, I publish science-based work regarding human nutrition and other health topics. As nutrition is not the most important issue, you’ll find more about sleeping, the circadian cycle, meditation or importance of the physical activity.

I want you to have both simple and easy to understand articles. That is what I am working most of the time on.

And I am proud of what I do.


You will find here science-based articles, thus you know, that what is written here, is based on facts instead of beliefs.

You will know what to eat in a particular disease or diseases. How to assess the nutritional value of food products and what impact they have on the body in health and disease.

Most of the articles are free for you to read. You can download a bit more extended subjects in ebook forms for free as well. If you like to listen, no problem – go to YouTube, Spotify, or other social media when you can listen to my podcasts.

A two-man sitting on the wooden table at some library or room having a conversation. The picture is taken from aside. The first man is sitting on the end of the bench, and the photo has taken his right hand and part of the body. You can easily see that he is writing something down. The second man is sitting in front of him, at the small distance explaining something to the former. He is gesturing too. It seems like a master teaches the student something.


Dandelion flower picture made from the top. There are green law and soil. The picture was taken outside, on field.
There are two pictures combined together. On the first one, on the left there are mixed strawberries, radish, and banana in a coctail glass. On the right, two full glasses with made coctail.
A picture of two cocoa-creamy ice creams in a glass with fruit and nut topings. There are two pieces of cut orange next to them. Everything is on the white-creamy table.
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