Hi, I am Paweł Wątor. I bet you don’t know how to speel it. I remember one funny situation in the UK. “What is your surname”. Wątor. “What?”. Wątor. “Water?”.

Yes, it is similar to water.

I graduated from the University of Agriculture in Cracow in 2014 in the Department of Food Technology and Human Nutrition. Food Technology is not my specialization, Nutrition is my passion and I focused myself on this subject. Especially, Clinical Nutrition.

I love to educate others about nutrition and health subjects. I admire some of the professional specialists that already have plenty of years of experience in their subjects. It’s seen when you read or listen to them. I want to be one like them. I want to be that one about someone says “Damn, he’s bloody good”. That’s why I’m constantly working on educating others and myself.

I’m interested in traveling and discovering the world. I believe this is the best way of getting to know oneself and live. I put life and pleasure above the business, carrier and any other limits. It’s my way of looking at life and social life – we are all heavily disconnected with nature and ourselves. However, traveling or meditation is a great and free activity that corrects that.

Whatever you might think, nutrition is not a core of health. And this is said by me – clinical dietitian. Thus on the blog, you’ll find more topics about health than you might expect.

A picture of smiling Pawel Wator decent in a black sweatshirt. He has a mustache and a small beard.
Dandelion flower picture made from the top. There are green law and soil. The picture was taken outside, on field.

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