Dandelion flower picture made from the top. There are green law and soil. The picture was taken outside, on field.

How to make Dandelion Honey

Do you like bee honey? If you do, you have to try dandelion honey. Actually, it is a syrup but it’s called honey. Syrup because it has a high sugar content and you can DIY. Dandelion honey is traditionally used in Poland, Scandinavia, and other countries because it fights infections, supports the immune system, improves digestion, wound healing, and many more. It is simple to do. If you have dandelion flowers around you, just pick them up and then follow the recipe.

There are two pictures combined together. On the first one, on the left there are mixed strawberries, radish, and banana in a coctail glass. On the right, two full glasses with made coctail.

Strawberry banana smoothie for hot days

Days are getting hotter and hotter but there is a solution. While we need to drink more water to stay hydrated, there is a good option to increase water content in the diet. Dairy-fruit shakes. In this recipe, you have a lot of strawberries that are rich in antioxidants phytochemicals and vitamin C. The latter is necessary if you want to keep your skin beautiful and healthy!

A picture of two cocoa-creamy ice creams in a glass with fruit and nut topings. There are two pieces of cut orange next to them. Everything is on the white-creamy table.

Carbohydrate-rich Cocoa ice-cream

We all know that there is plenty of fit recipes for ice-creams. But for some people they are plain. Especially if one had been eating way too much sugar in the diet it might be very difficult to end up with it. This recipe is for those people and for those who are physically active. It has a lot of sugar, it is energy-dense but is either a healthier option than ice-creams bought in the shop. If you have high energy demands, you might find such a recipe helpful in fulfilling daily energy requirements.