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You won’t increase Vitamin D level without glutathione

Have you checked your serum vitamin D status? Probably not, but if you would there is a high probability that you are deficient or insufficient. Even without the blood test, people are taking vitamin D supplements despite health risks. Just like that, because there is hype for that and everyone writes about it. But, some people have serious health problems and are really deficient in it despite pharmaceutical intervention. The cause of that may lay on genes expression. It means that you are lacking proteins needed for vitamin D metabolism. What can you do then?

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Vitamin D and Magnesium interaction

Vitamin D metabolism is magnesium-dependent. Without magnesium, your vitamin D can’t do the work. This is because proteins responsible for its activation works along with this mineral. Your vitamin D deficiency, even despite supplementation or sunbaths might be caused by magnesium deficiency. Both of them are interconnected and if you are deficient for one of them, the risk for deficiency of another one increases. Go ahead to know why.

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Vitamin D and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Read it if you are a patient.

Vitamin D is nutritional compound necessary for the immune system. There is plenty of potential benefits for Hashimoto’s patients (decrease antithyroid antibodies titers, an increase of thyroid hormone levels) by the nourishment of the body by vitamin D. As though, there are a few things you should know before doing it. Otherwise, you may lose money and put your health at risk.